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    5 Ways To Hack Study Week

    We’re all cramming in for exams.

    Here’s UCD Societies 5 top tips to get the most out of the next week:

    1) Go to the library

    If you want a quiet place to study with fast WiFi, there’s no better place than the James Joyce Library.

    The only issue is that you may not find a seat during peak hours, as shown below on UCD Societies Instagram  


    Astra Hall is also open from 11pm-3am,  for any night owls out there who prefer to study in the evening time.

    2) Don’t Go to the Library

    Maybe the commute from home to UCD is just too long, or overall you’ll a more productive studier at home.

    Either way, do whatever approach suits you best.

    3) Sleep

    Given that lectures are over, we can sleep-in  knowing a 9am class no longer beckons.

    Cramming in large amounts of information is going to tire you out, so getting enough sleep is vital.  7-9 hours is the usual, if you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger you can get away with 6.

    4) Spot a Generositree

    If you’re bored studying then why not try out the SVP Operation Santa campaign?


    The process is simple: find a generositree on campus, take a tag and leave a present underneath the following day for that specific child.

    You’ll give yourself good Karma as well as having a good study break!

    5) Relax

    Sit back, drink some tea and relax knowing in two weeks time, all these exams will be over!