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    107th Session AGM

    • 11 Apr 2017 to 11 Apr 2017
    • UCD Centre for Health Sciences, C004
    • UCD Medical Society

    Event Description

    Our Annual General Meeting is taking place next Tuesday 11th of April at 7pm in C004 of the Health Science Building where we hand over to our new Auditor, Treasurer and Secretary. Come along and vote for or against the following amendments to the consititution if you so wish:  

    1. Article 5 – The Committee
    The Committee shall consist of the following groups: 5.1 The Executive Officers, which consist of The Auditor, The Secretary, The Treasurer, 5.2 The Officers of the Society, which consist of The Public Relations Officer, The Sports Officer, The Education Officer, The Charities and Welfare Officer, The Association of Medical Students in Ireland (AMSI) Representative, The Med Ball Convener, The Medical Conference Convener. 5.3 Stage Representatives  
    1. Article 6
    Stage representatives with be elected in a first-past-the-post system. Each stage of the medical programme will be treated as its own constituency. The electorate for each constituency will be made up of all members of the society that are registered to the stage in question. Candidates are only eligible to run for representative of the stage to which they are registered. 6.1 The Auditor shall ensure that there is representation of all stages on the committee. 6.2 There shall be no more than 2 stage representatives per stage 6.3 The Auditor shall open applications for candidacy at least 3 days prior to the election of any given stage. 6.4 Should no candidates arise for a given stage, vacancies shall be appointed by the Executive Officers. 6.5 Representatives will elected at the end of the academic year, and will serve until the end of the following academic year.< /font> 6.6 Representatives for the incoming classes for both undergraduate and graduate entry medicine will be elected during the 1st week of the first semester, and will serve until the end of the academic year. 6.7 Stage representatives may not simultaneously hold office in any of the positions outlined in articles 5.1 or 5.2`  
    1. Rewording of Title of Section 5
    Proposed Change: The Executive Officers  
    1. New Article 10.1
    The auditor of the society will have served at least 1 semester as a committee member of the society 10.2 The auditor may not simultaneously serve as either auditor or treasurer of any other student society within the University.  
    1. Article 16
    Elections to the offices of Auditor, Secretary and Treasurer shall take place in the second semester of the academic year at a time deemed suitable by the committee. 16.1 Prior to the elections, the committee shall appoint a Returning Officer who shall be responsible for the conduct of the elections. The Returning Officer shall not be a candidate for any office and must remain impartial and not participate in any election campaigns. 16.2 The Returning Officer shall arrange the details of the election which shall be carried out using a system of proportional representation with single transferable vote. 16.3 Any vacancy that arises throughout the duration of the session, in any of the positions listed in articles 5.1 or 5.2,  will be filled by the committee 16.4 Any vacancy that arises in a stage representative position throughout the duration of the session, will be filled by a by-election within the constituency, in line with the procedures outlined in article 6.  
    1. Article 24
    Upon election, the executive officer shall appoint the non-executive officers of the society as outlined in article 5.2. The officers will be serve as ex-officio members of the committee.  
    1. Article 29
    The AMSI Representative will represent UCD on the committee of AMSI (or equivalent body), and assist in the co-ordination of inter-varsity activities. Their responsibilities shall include (i) liaising with the student societies of other medical schools and AMSI (ii) reporting back to the society on their activities (iii) Assembling and leading a local AMSI committee 29.1 The AMSI representative will be appointed by the executive officers under consultation from the previous AMSI Representative.   New article 30 – The Ball Convener The Ball Convener, shall have additional responsibility in organising the annual ball and gala events of the society   New Article 31 – The Medical Conference Convener The Medical Conference Convener shall assist in the organisation of a student-run medical conference. The convener will ensure that there are opportunities for students to present original research at the event.   New Article 32 – Co-option of Additional Committee Members Co-option of additional members to the committee is permitted in a situation where there is a requirement for additional skills or expertise, when it is deemed that the requirement cannot be met by the sitting committee. The executive officers will decide on the need to propose any co-option. 32.1 The proposed scope of the role, title of the position, and duration of term of office must be specified and made available to the committee, at least 1 week prior to the meeting at which the requirement for such a position is to be voted upon. 32.2 The term of all co-opted members may not continue past the end of the academic year in which they are appointed. 32.3 The requirement for the position will be decided by a vote of the committee, with a two thirds majority required for the position to be created. 32.4 Once the position is approved, any member of committee may nominate a candidate for the position. In the event of multiple candidates being put forward, the committee will vote to elect one of the nominees using a sin gle transferable vote system. 32.5 Once admitted to the committee, the co-opted member will be afforded the same rights as other committee members as regards voting, bringing forward proposals and dismissal from office.   If you have any questions about the amendments get in touch at