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    2022 Celebrating China’s National Day

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    2022 Celebrating China’s National Day

    • 07 Oct 2022, 02:00 am
    • Harmony Studio

    Whats About

    CSSA want to set up an event to celebrate the Chinese National Day. The event takes the form of offline painting. Participants are required to draw city landmarks or city scenes in their minds during the event, and are offered the opportunity to go on stage and narrate their drawings. After the event, the paintings will be framed.     CSSA 想要设立一个事件去庆祝中国国庆节。本次活动采取线下绘画的形式。参与者在活动期间需绘画城市地标建筑或心目中的城市样貌,并提供上台进行绘画作品讲述的机会。活动结束后将绘画作品进行装裱.