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    24 Hour Event

    • 12 Apr 2017 to 13 Apr 2017
    • UCD Student Centre
    • UCD Games Society

    Event Description

    24 Hour Event! Wednesday 6pm to Thursday 6pm
    As usual we're having our 24 Hour charity event on the same time as Relay for Life, which is on Wednesday the 12th to Thursday the 13th this year, we will be in Café Brava, the Quad Room, Blue Room, and Meeting Room 4; all of which are located in the Old Student Centre.
    For 24 whole hours we will be playing any and all games as well as some scheduled Card Games events.
    The 24 Hours starts at 6pm on Wednesday, and ends at 6pm on Thursday.
    We hope to see you all there!
    The other tradition we're carryi ng on is our Beat the Nine challenge!
    The first person to beat all nine committee members in their chosen game wins a prize! Each time you beat a committee they will give you a token to show your victory over them.
    The chosen games are:
    Sam - Ricochet Robots
    Lester - Stratego
    Trina - GUBS!
    Emma - Shithead
    Nathan - King of Tokyo
    Hugh - Pokemon TCG or Checkers (Your Choice)
    Ciara - Dinosaur Top Trumps
    Evan - Warhammer Trivia or Mortal Kombat
    Chloe - Skate 3 or X's and O's
    So come challenge the committee for prizes and for glory!