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    3rd Med/ GEM 2 Mixer

    • 10 Feb 2017 to 10 Feb 2017
    • Copan Rathmines
    • UCD Medical Society

    Event Description

    Fast-forward to September 2017: It's your first day of Res Year and it's time to meet your newly formed hospital team. You eagerly stroll to meet them but to your horror realise that you recognise not one single face. Panicking, you make small talk and the rest of that first week drags by as you realise you must now get to know a totally new group of peers. IF ONLY your gracious MEDSOC had previously organised a special social mixer so that all that horrible awkwardness could be prevented.

    Lucky for you, we've done just that. On Fridy 10th February both 3rd Meds and GEM 2's will be gathering in Copan Rathmines for a fun-filled evening! 9pm is the start time and the event will be updated over the next few days with details for a possible group pre-drinks beforehand as well as ideas for icd-breaking. So bring your sociable selves and get ready to celebrate what can only be the start of some beautiful friendships. EXOH EXOH MEDSOC