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    • 11 Apr 2019
    • Newman Building, C124

    Event Description

    We’ll be having our AGM next week - Thursday the 11th of April at 6pm in Room B204 in the newman building!! If you’re interested in running for the committee, here are the positions up for grabs: Auditor: The auditor is the overall coordinator of the society. They oversee, and are accountable for the efficient running of all society events. They are also the first point of contact for Amnesty Ireland and people outside of the society. Applications for auditor must be referenced by 4 people currently on the Amnesty committee. [The amnesty committee is a non-hierarchical committee in that all committee members’ thoughts and opinions are respected and taken into account when making decisions concerning the society - however the Auditor is accountable for the overall performance of the society.] All further applications must be referenced by 2 people on the Amnesty committee - Treasurer: The treasurer manages the financial affairs of the society. This includes: maintaining contact with the senior treasurer, securing sponsorships, overseeing grant applications, accounts, cashflow and reporting to each meeting of the committee on the state of the society’s finances. Secretary: The secretary writes the weekly emails, keeps minutes of each committee meeting, a roll of members of the society and organises the location of events on campus. OCM’s x5: Ordinary committee members assist with the general running and organisation of events - setting up events, escorting guest speakers, sharing events, postering etc. Each candidate running for a position above may speak for a maximum of 3 minutes - once all candidates running for the position have spoken, a ballot will be cast. The election of all positions will be carried out using a system of proportional representation. If you’re interested in running for a position please send us an email with your name, student number, the position you’d like to run for and a short (MAX 200 word, but we recommend fewer) description of why you'd like the role.