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    • 03 Oct 2017 to 03 Oct 2017
    • Room 1.16 UCD Agricultural Building

    Event Description

    This week's anime is Kill la Kill! I'll hand over to our Anime Officer Theo for this one: "Studio Trigger was formed in 2011 when many key animators and anime directors left studio Gainax: best known for FLCL, Evangelion and Gurren Lagann. One of the two founders, Hiroyuki Yamaga and so had credibility when it came to setting up his own studio. Some of his works include Gurren Lagann, Evangelion and, relevant to this week, Kill la Kill. This week marks the 4-year anniversary of Kill la Kill, which is my favourite anime of all time. Come down and join in on one of the craziest, most off the wall and physics-defying anime ever created."