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    Arts Appreciation Club Meeting 1

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    Arts Appreciation Club Meeting 1

    UCD Arts Society
    • 15 Nov 2023, 06:30 pm
    • Newman Building,An Cuas B110

    Whats About

    Welcome to the 'Arts Appreciation Club!' Not all of our members are arts students, as social events are a thing to be enjoyed by all! Same applies to love of the arts themselves - though you'll often find Newman dwellers and History, English, or Film students at our events, at the end of the day, who doesn't love movies / music / fiction! We're all fans of the arts, studying it or not! That's why the Arts Appreciation Club aims to bring together us lovers of the various expressive medias to discuss, debate, appreciate, and above all, hang out! A social event at heart, this club's events aim to let us talk about the arts in an environment that is both simultaneously organised / themed, and chill! And with the first event this Wednesday being purely introductory, there's no reason to not come and simply get a taster! We'll talk about our favourite albums, movies, poems, why we like them, along with striking broader questions about why enjoy any of this stuff at all in the first place! Big questions, but low pressure. Speak up if you feel like it, bringing a great opportunity to practice speaking your mind and talking about something that interests you; or just hang out, sit back, and enjoy the show! We hope to see as many of you as possible there! Meeting 1: Wednesday the 15th of November Newman, Room B110 6:30pm