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    Board and War Games Evening

    • 02 Mar 2017 to 02 Mar 2017
    • UCD Student Centre,Quad Room
    • UCD Games Society

    Event Description

    "Ever heard of Digganobz? They're humans that want to be orks to the point where they co-exist and at times are even protected by orks whom they emulate by painting their skin green and fighting like real boyz! Anyways come fight for loot if ya feel up to it wargamers! Same bat-time, same bat place! "Aim fer dat big buildin’ over der. No da uvver wun! NO DAT WUN! Zoggit, just land it ‘ere." - Ork thought for the day?
    Hey gamers, this week we're gonna have ourselves a classic game of "Ticket to Ride"! As most of you know the aim of the game is to connect certain locations with your own brightly (and unrealistically) coloured trains on a cheery (and geographically questionable) map of Northern America 🙂 but whether you play your trains as soon as possible or hoard them to the last minute - I'm looking at you Nathan - is all up to you 🙂 and if you happen to just hate trains with an oddly vibrant passion, don't worry, we'll also have everything from Catan to Ricochet Robots to Timelines to entertain you every whim and fancy 🙂