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    Board and War Games Evening

    • 14 Nov 2016 to 14 Nov 2016
    • UCD Student Centre,Meeting Rooms 5/6/7
    • UCD Games Society

    Event Description

    The Emperor Protects, wargamers! This week we're starting our Necromunda campaigns with the first encounter. It's pretty simple, make the other guys deader than they make yours. Live or die, Khorne wins either way. See you there! And remember: "Heresy grows from idleness."
    On the board game side of things, Good News! More games are being lent to the society! This week we've got "evolution", in which you need to design a species that can survive in the ever-changing environment created by the players in a game that forces you to adapt: Too many herbivores, you run out of food. Too many carnivores and something will have to go extinct eventually. This game is a lot of fun for new players and very easy to pick up. And if you're looking for something a bit different we also have Timelines: Inventions and Historical Events in which you have to place significant points in history correctly in time to win!