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    Bward Games Evening

    • 23 Feb 2017 to 23 Feb 2017
    • UCD Student Centre
    • UCD Games Society

    Event Description

    The hive-city of Necromunda is being shaken to it's core! Annoyed with the rampant crime taking over the city, the Planetary Governor sent a request to the Council of Terra for extra assistance (500 years ago, but beggars can't be choosers) and that call has been answered! Gangs this week may find themselves suddenly up against some Imperial Police (run by your fantastic wargames officer) "Serve the Emperor today, tomorrow you may be dead! - Imperium thought for the day
    Hello gamers! This week we're gonna be playing Pandemic! So as many of you may know the aim of the game is the rid the world of a series of deadly disease before the human race is destroyed, this game is pretty challenging and will require co-operation between you and your team of diverse specialists if you want to cure faster than the virus can spread. This game is a real challenge on its own but we also have the expansions in addition if you'd like to mix it up with the bio-terrorist or the mutating strain. And if adorable kittens or trains are more your thing, the usual collection of board games will be there as well 🙂