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    Dr. Sarah Conly “When is Personal Liberty valuable?”

    • 10 Oct 2016 to 10 Oct 2016
    • D500, Newman Building
    • UCD Philosophy Society

    Event Description

    This Monday, the 10th, Dr. Sarah Conly will be addressing the society on "When is Personal Liberty valuable?". Sarah Conly received a bachelor's degree from Princeton University and an MA and PhD from Cornell University. During the fellowship year, Conly explored about the problem of moral decision making, and devising and defending consequentialist strategies for successful moral education. Her new book One Child:  Do We Have a Right to More, came out in November, 2015.  In it, she argues  that when human population numbers threaten the environment, we have no right to have more than one child. For this reason, she argues, it can be permissible for governments to regulate the number of children we have, as long as they do that in ways that don’t violate rights. Other notable articles include "Better Off Dead: Paternalism and Persistent Unconsciousness,” “Autonomy and Well-Being,” and “Paternalism, Freedom of Choice, and Food.” We are delighted that she has taken the time to join us for an evening.