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    Dubs vs Culchies Comedy Debate

    • 06 Sep 2017
    • UCD Student Centre,FitzGerald Chamber
    • UCD Law Society

    Event Description

    When LawSoc were given the opportunity to put on a debate for all of the incoming first years to showcase the depth of talent in UCD debating, we knew we must choose the most important topic possible to debate on. So with Kim Jong-Un on the verge of plunging us into WW3, with hordes of homeless people filling the streets of Dublin and hundreds of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea every week, we singled out the biggest issue the globe is facing right now: what part of the M50 is it better to be from? Because for us, this isn’t just about simple geography, it’s about solving every disagreement between an incoming countryman or woman and their new D4 friends. Is it Everleigh or Coppers? Is it Supermacs or Boojum? Is it Paddy Losty or Buff Egan? Is it Conor McGregor or Joe Canning? Is it Dublin Zoo or Fota Island? Is it Jack Wills hoodies or O’Neills tracksuits? Is it “I was on the SCT” or “I play county”? These are the questions the people want answered and we’re here to do just that. So come for the pizza and slushies, and stay for the regional racism.