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    FilmSoc Event: 48Hr Challenge Screening

    • 14 Oct 2019, 3PM to 14 Oct 2019
    • Event Description

      We make films, we watch films! Making films: We have plenty of people eager to help you to make any sort of filming ideas into a reality, with a wide range of equipment available for rental. You can email with scripts for production or ask for information. Watching films: Every Tuesday and Thursday in the UCD Cinema at 6PM we have a screening! With a set theme weekly, the films range from serious, gritty dramas to brightly colored and fantastical animated films, we always have something for everyone. On Mondays at 5PM, we have our Cineclub, showing more arthouse and lesser known films, revolving around a heavy appreciate of reflection and discussion on the film. Other weekly events: We also have our weekly Breakfast Mornings on Friday mornings from 10AM - 12PM as a chance to chat to other members and enjoy some toast, tea and coffee. On top of that we have our online Photography Club, where we showcase our member's photography skills in a weekly themed submission, with infrequent in person meet ups. Throughout the year we also have auditions, workshops, social nights, quizzes, trips and our photography club!