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    Framing and Comparitive – Debating Training with LawSoc & L&H

    • 01 Jan 1970
    • Newman Building, C214

    Event Description

    This Monday, we're going to train you how to make the perfect picture frame and help you compare your frame to others. Only joking, no one has got time to make the perfect picture frame in week 6 (ahh it's week 6...breath). So if you're looking for an excuse not to study, we're here to help. Come along to C214 in Newman on Monday at 5pm for training on framing and comparative. LawSoc's Dara Keenan and Aayan Atiq from the L&H will be there to tell you all you need to know about framing your arguments and then comparing them to the other speeches in the debate so you can look and sound like you know what you're taking about. Dara has broken as a speaker at both the Trinity IV and the Cork Open and also won the Irish Times Debating Championship in 2017. He also was the 2nd best speaker at the Wageningen Open 2016 which he is most proud of. Aayan has broken as a speaker at the Trinity IV, Maynooth Open and was a finalist at National Maidens, James Joyce Maidens and Maidens Mace. He has also broken as a judge at the Durham Open, Cork Open, Trinity Open, Earlsfort Open and the Vice Presidents' Cup. He has also represented the L&H at the European University Debating Championships. So come along on Monday to get the lowdown on framing and comparative in debating. This training will be highly beneficial for anyone doing maidens or for people doing the UCD Novice IV or some of the upcoming international competitions.