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    Freedom, Offence and Toleration

    • 29 Sep 2016 to 29 Sep 2016
    • UCD Philosophy Society

    Event Description

    Professor Gerard Casey is many things; Associated Scholar at the Ludwig von Mises Institute , Professor Emeritus of U.C.D and a Libertarian Anarchist. This Thursday, he will present a lecture to the philosophy society on "Offence, Toleration and Freedom of Speech". Libertarian anarchy is a political perspective whereby the state is eradicated and the market is entrusted with the task of providing for society. Freedom is a topical issue at the moment. Is it necessary for the state or other bodies to moniter speech to ensure a fairer, more egalitarian society? Or is this level of surveilance counter productive? Does offensive speech cause a real harm to society? These are just some of the topics to be addressed throughout the lecture. Come along and bring your questions!