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    House Debate – Dubs v Culchies

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    House Debate – Dubs v Culchies

    UCD LawSoc
    • 19 Sep 2023, 06:30 pm
    • UCD Student Centre,FitzGerald Chamber
    • County Dublin

    Whats About

    Our Annual Dubs v Culchie Debate marks the return of House Debates for the new semester! The divide between Dubs and Culchies has long been established as a bitter, deep-rooted rivalry that transcends Irish society and culture. Do Dubs have a superiority complex, and if so, is it justified? Does D4 get a bad reputation? Is the Dubs life of glitz and glamour, as seen by the mobs along Camden and Harcourt street, worth the crippling debt of the housing crisis? Alternatively, in the absence of good public transport, do Culchies just know how to have better craic? Culchies make the most of the simpler, more peaceful life, such as the joys of getting locked in the middle of a field or at a funeral with the local parish priest. Make sure you don’t miss out on what’s sure to be a heated debate as our speakers express their views on the Dubs and Culchies divide. Looking forward to seeing you there!