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    House Debate: This House Would Keep Article 41.2

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    House Debate: This House Would Keep Article 41.2

    UCD LawSoc
    • 28 Sep 2023, 06:00 pm
    • UCD Student Centre, FitzGerald Chamber
    • County Dublin

    Whats About

    Next week's debate will be on Article 41.2, or more affectionately known as the 'woman's place in the home' clause. Allegedly inserted into the Constitution by Éamon de Valera to cope with his mommy issues (for context his own mother went out to work and left his granny to raise him), Article 41.2 has long been seen as a metaphorical shackle that chains Irish women to domestic life. Now, almost 90 years on, the Government is pledging to host a referendum regarding it - but to amend, keep, or delete completely? That is the question... Come along next Tuesday to see what our experts think - with barristers, the National Women's Council of Ireland, Treoir, and student speakers all going to have their say. Pizza and slushies after, as always.