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    How to Break Into the Music Industry Workshop with Rebecca Locke!

    • 02 Feb 2021, 06:00 pm
    • Event Description

      Are you thinking of getting started with your music but you don’t know where to begin?  How to find a producer, how to release your music, how to book gigs, how to build your reputation... These are just a few examples of questions that will be answered by indie musician Rebecca Locke. Ever since releasing her debut single ‘intimacy trap’ in 2019 she has made quite the impression on the Dublin music scene. Her latest single ‘true love’, which was released in 2020, was yet another display of her signature vulnerable songwriting and lo-fi sound. Not only that, she also runs indigo sessions, where once a month local artists are showcased in Workman’s (pre-Covid).  As you can see. she has been involved with nearly every aspect of the music industry so if you’re interested in learning from a literal pro how to get your music out there (especially during the mess we’re in right now), then this is the workshop for you!!  Also she’s literally the sweetest, you’ll really be missing out so much if you don’t come!?? Link: