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    Intel IoT Security Talk

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    Intel IoT Security Talk

    • 28 Nov 2016 to 28 Nov 2016
    • Room 326 Engineering Building
    • ElecSoc

    Event Description

    Where: Room 326 Engineering Building

    When: November 28th 18:00

    “What is a secure IoT or wearable device and how to make it secure” 

    Summary: Internet of Things and wearable devices are everywhere and have become part of our lives. These devices, connected to a network or not, carry all types of information with a monetary value associated with it for the user as well as someone with malicious intent. Based on this simple precept, how do we protect that users information? What are the mechanisms at our disposal that can be put in place within hardware and software to ensure that we appropriately protect what needs to be protected. How do these mechanisms work to deliver on this promise of security. In this talk, we will begin with the methodology necessarily to identify what needs to be protected; whom do we want to protect ourselves from, then we will cover the basic as well as advanced mechanisms, such as cryptography and secure boot, available and what purpose each serves.


    Julien Carreño is 13 year Intel veteran with 16 years in the Internet of Things domain previously described as embedded computing. At Intel, Julien currently leads the Architecture team in the group responsible for delivering all Quark SoCs, pioneering Intel’s entry into the connected micro-controller system-on-a-chip (SoC) for IoT and wearable devices. Julien is also personally responsible for the definition of Intel’s security solutions for the Quark SoC product line covering both Intel’s hardware as well as Firmware and software, spearheading efforts in the domain of Trusted Execution Environments, small footprint cryptography as secure boot technologies amongst others.