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    International Relations – Debating Training with LawSoc

    • 25 Oct 2018 to 25 Oct 2018
    • Newman Building, G103

    Event Description

    You're probably thinking to yourself: "I've got the whole 'how to debate' thing down but have no idea what I'm meant to be talking about." If that's the case, then LawSoc have got you covered. On Thursday at 5pm in G103 in Newman, Adam Stairs will be on hand to tell you all there is to know about International Relations (don't worry this has nothing to do with debating about that weird cousin from America). From what to talk about in debates about Brexit to what's going on in the Middle East. Adam has broken as a speaker at over 20 competitions, including Glasgow Ancients, Imperial and Irish Mace, where he was a finalist. He has been among 10 speakers in 15 competitions, along with being in 12 finals. As a judge, Adam has judged the semi-final and final of National Maidens 2017, the final of National Maidens in 2018 and judged the final of QUB in 2016. He also was a CA for the Cork IV 2018 and is a CA for the UCD IV 2018. Come along to find out what there is to know about International Relations.