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    Internet of Things with Netsoc

    UCD Philsoc and UCD Netsoc
    • 02 Feb 2021

    Event Description

    This Tuesday join us and our friends at Netsoc in a discussion on the Internet of things. This event is going to be very interesting so make sure you come along to share your thoughts and listen to what other members have to say. In this discussion, we'll be talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) and its interaction with security and privacy. With surveillance capitalism and hacked smart devices being of great concern, how do we safely go down the path of innovation? IoT provides infinite possibilities for positive change, it is no doubt that this technology will become only more ingrained in society as time moves on. Yet, how do we ensure that these technologies are designed ethically? How can we remove bias from IoT? Will security be able to keep up with constant innovation? These are all important questions to ask as we'll soon be using, buying, and possibly designing these upcoming technological breakthroughs. You can register for the event with the link in our Instagram bio (@UCDPhilsoc) or in the weekly email sent to members. This event is open to all students. See you there <3