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    Kunafa Afternoon

    • 24 Sep 2019
    • Event Description

      This event was held on the 25th of September 2019 at the Global Lounge. We had the Kunafa event to introduce one of Arabia's most famous and delicious sweets to the UCD community. Kunafa is mostly famous in the Levant region originating from Palestine. The Kunafa in this event was homemade by our Vice-Auditor’s mother, Mrs Jouda! Hosting this event was very exciting for us as it was the first of its kind in our society's history. Our Arab members were reminded of home as they enjoyed the Kunafa, while most of our members tried it for the very first time. We were so excited to see how their taste buds reacted to it. We had 3 trays of Kunafa and it was all gone in a few minutes! In this event, we had over 80 attendees and we were more than happy to welcome 12 new members to our small society. It was by far the most asked for event throughout the year.