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    LawSoc Presents: The Drugs Debate

    • 11 Sep 2018 to 11 Sep 2018

    Event Description

    It’s Week 1! Lectures are starting, freshers are figuring out who they’re planning to pull next week and UCD has probably impeached one or two SU Presidents. But most importantly, we’ll be debating about drugs!. Would legalising drugs make the world a better place? Would the state be better at regulating these substances than the scauldy dealer on your local street corner? Should we be able to give sick people the treatment they need, without having to worry if their medicine can also be used to get high? Should we have the choice to do whatever we like with our bodies, even if it does involve ingesting a load of horse tranquiliser? Or is the ban on drugs worth it for Narcos and the buzz of buying off a scauldy local dealer? Come and find out. Expect slushies, pizza, 6 hilarious speakers and absolutely no serious discussion about the topic.