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    LawSoc Presents: The Pride Debate

    • 01 Jan 1970

    Event Description

    The Stonewall Riots of 1969 represented a fight between those most marginalised at the time, and an oppressive police and government system. Almost half a century later, Stonewall has served to inspire a series of demonstrations that span the globe, attract millions every year, and make up a core aspect of one of the largest civil rights movements the world has ever seen. But has Pride lost its way? What once served as a protest against the mainstream is now heavily propped up by that same group. Major corporations around the globe see Pride as a publicity opportunity and a way to sell merchandise, rather than an opportunity to continue the fight for real change. The same political elites that were so reviled by those Stonewall protesters fifty years ago now march under that same rainbow flag, beside those they once oppressed. But is this a problem? Is this change in direction a sign of real change in the world or merely a distraction from the true roots of Pride? Come on down to the the FitzGerald chamber this Tuesday at 18:15 to find out!