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    Learning Japanese

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    Learning Japanese

    Japanese Society
    • 25 Oct 2023, 01:00 pm
    • UCD Student Centre,Meeting Rooms 5/6/7
    • Ireland

    Whats About

    In these lessons you will get the opportunity to learn the Japanese language starting from the basics. The classes will mainly focus on learning grammar and practicing conversational skills, with different topics each week. Although these classes will be ideal for people who have little to no background knowledge, students of all levels are welcome! This week: We will be going over the verbal -て ("Te") form, an essential part of Japanese grammar that allows for the connection of sentences/verbs and is also used to give commands.

    Time: 13:00 - 14:00

    Location: Meeting Rooms (In the student centre, directions on our socials such as Instagram @ucdjsoc )