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    Luminary Award – UCD President Professor Orla Feely

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    Luminary Award – UCD President Professor Orla Feely

    UCD Women+ in STEM Society
    • 22 Nov 2023, 05:30 pm
    • UCD Student Centre,FitzGerald Chamber

    Whats About

    We are excited to present UCD President, Professor Orla Feely with our inaugural Luminary Award! This award recognises individuals with outstanding achievements and contributions in their respective field, and celebrates them as beacons of inspiration. The award is being presented to Prof. Orla Feely in recognition of her status as the first female UCD President and of her inspiring academic, research, and career accomplishments - particularly in the field of Engineering. We kindly invite you to attend the award ceremony on Wednesday, 22nd November at 5:30pm in the Fitzgerald Chamber, UCD Student Centre. The ceremony will include a keynote address by Prof. Orla Feely and a reception afterwards. This event is open to all but registration required. Please register here!