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    Med Week Bagpacking

    This Event already finished.

    Med Week Bagpacking

    • 15 Oct 2016 to 16 Oct 2016
    • Supervalu Balinteer
    • UCD Medical Society

    Event Description

    Desperately trying to find a way to hang on to your student status? Devastated that you're stuck babysitting your cousin and missing Med Day? Poor enough that you don't want to pay the 10 euro for charity but still want to contribute? For those who are interested in contributing their valuable time to raise money for the amazing charities, Jack and Jill, Alone and Saplings School for Autism but are unavailable on the actual day, Medsoc is introducing Bagpacking for the first time ever in aid of Med Day! Volunteer your time to Med Day Bagpacking in Balinteer SuperValu on any of the dates between 14th-16th October. By contributing your time, you receive a Med Day T-shirt, and a wristband that gets you free into DTwo! Contributing even an hour of your time can create a huge impact in the money raised for these charities. For example, every 16 euros made provides 1 hour of home-nursing for a sick baby with Jack and Jill. **You can also sign up for it if you are still planning to take part in Med Day**