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    Monday: walking debate

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    Monday: walking debate

    Shaam Mallak
    • 22 Jan 2024, 06:00 pm
    • UCD Student Centre,Blue Room

    Whats About

    welcome back everyone! we are starting of the semester the way we normally start of our weeks, with a good old walking debate. as usual there will be 6 questions in total debated for 15 minutes each. after we will loop back to the 2 most popular questions and debate them for another 15, for a total of 2 hours. this time however, we have planned to make 3 of the questions public before hand, and leave the rest as mystery questions. 1- in ethics there are often 2 schools of thought, consequentialism vs deontology. but an ancient third often neglected in the modern day is virtue ethics. compared to these other two, how viable is virtue ethics in regards to morality and moral decisions. do you agree with it over the other two, or should it remain in history. 2- from a scale of one to ten how evil is the USA, 10 being Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, one being perfectly justifiable in every single way and in regards to every action and policy. 3- to what extent should we let fear of persecution, punishment, and other sanctions, stop us from being virtuous and ethical? blue room, student center, 6pm until 8pm.