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    Music Society’s Mixing Mixer: Making Cocktails with Music Society

    • 21 Jan 2021, 07:00 pm
    • Event Description

      Looking to make new friends and do something different and fun? Want to learn a new party trick for all the post-covid parties? Come and learn how to make cocktails with us! We have cocktail expert, Ryan O’Donnell, teaching us to make a Sex on the Beach, a Rum Cosmopolitan and a Virgin Mojito Mocktail! The ingredients are below, and you can choose to make 1,2 or all 3 cocktails! Come along for some craic and get to know our committee and other Music Soc members!    Sex on the Beach   

      • Vodka (you can get a mini) 
      • Peach Schnapps (you can get the Archers one from Tesco for cheaper)
      • Orange Juice 
      • Cranberry Juice 
      • ICE!
        Rum Cosmopolitan   
      • Malibu OR Vodka and Triple Sec/Cointreau 
      • Limes (have a knife or a lime juicer handy) 
      • Cranberry Juice 
      • ICE!
        Virgin Mojito Mocktail 
      • Mint Leaves 
      • A Lime 
      • Soda Water/Ginger Ale/7Up
      • Honey/Syrup 
      • Knife and Wooden Spoon (for mint leaves) 
      • ICE!