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    Netsoc Projects Club

    • 11 Feb 2019 to 11 Feb 2019

    Event Description

    Looking for a way to improve your CV? Want to create something that's actually useful and kinda cool? Interested in what it's like to develop a piece of big software from start to finish? This week, we're launching a new weekly event called "Projects Club", where members can join and gain valuable experience of working in real software engineering teams. Starting on Monday at 5pm in B0.02, Computer Science, we'll be having weekly meetups where we will be working in groups on different side-projects. Unlike certain software engineering modules, you'll have the complete freedom to push the project in whichever direction you like, develop whatever features you think would be cool and do as little or as much work as you want. This Monday, we will be giving brief presentations of the three project ideas we've come up with, and what tech architecture we've been considering. Then we'll split into groups and let each mentor start to get to work in their own time. We'll order some pizza (🍕🍕🍕🍕), and then get going. The ideas we currently have are: A Java-based chat room service A web-based festival line-up curator/music recommender A Python/C# based game If you don't have experience with those languages, that is so fine. This is a great chance to pick up something new and start to broaden your skill range even more. We'll have more info during the presentations themselves. If you want to add code to the project, you'll need to have some kind of coding ability — we aren't teachers and won't be able to help anyone learn how to code from scratch. But if you're happier to work on the design, art, or any other aspect of the project, you're more than welcome to come along and help out!