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    Peep Auditions

    • 08 Feb 2021, 01:00 pm
    • Zoom
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      *AUDITIONS* Jodi Gray’s play “Peep” is a darkly comic, claustrophobic tale of voyeurism and sexual politics. The play is set in Dublin, in the present day. Caitlin and May, two Dublin women in their twenties, are sitting at the window of Caitlin's apartment with pairs of binoculars, spying on their mutual ex-lover in his apartment across the street. Both insist that they have been wronged by him, and, as they watch, he entertains a succession of different women – whom May and Caitlin will, in turn, attempt to co-opt into their vigil. Written by Jodi Gray Directed by Jodie Doyle CAITLIN: One half of our stalker duo, the more hardcore half. Has anger management problems and definitely hasn’t slept or eaten a proper meal in months. Thinks she’s a lot more self aware than she is. A crushing saviour complex. MAY: The other half of the team. Loud, energetic, like an untrained puppy. Doesn’t take the stalking as seriously as Caitlin, thinks everything is a joke. Lacks shame and is generally over optimistic. Likes to dance and needlessly decorate things with glitter or stickers. All of the roles offered for this production are female. We would like you to read at least two pieces, from both characters preferably. It is not necessary to have these audition pieces learned off, but it is advisable to be familiar with them. Deadline for audition tapes is Saturday, If you have any issues don't be afraid to contact Ciara or Jodie, or This show will take place in Week 4, from 8th-12th of February at 7pm.