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    PhilSoc Think & Drink: Roko’s Basilisk

    UCD Philsoc
    • 10 Oct 2020, 07:00 pm to 10 Oct 2020

    Event Description

    Grab your drinks (anything ranging from hot cocoa to Everclear), and get ready to Think & Drink! We'll be talking about the AI thought experiment that brought Elon Musk and Grimes together. Don't know what Roko's Basilisk is? That's alright! In short, the thought experiment addresses hypothetical (possibly outlandish?) risks involved with developing AI. Imagine powerful AI that can kill all of those who did not contribute to its creation, even those who merely knew of the possibility of its creation. Would you help the AI become more powerful to save your own life? Or would you risk your life in hopes that enough people won't let the creation of such powerful AI happen? Since you've read this far, you're now implicated. Sorry <3. We'll be explaining exactly what Roko's Basilisk is, its origins, ethical frameworks that can be applied to it, and if there's any validity to the thought experiment. After we're done discussing, we'll take time to get to know each other and have a few drinks. See you there! Follow PhilSoc's Instagram @ucdphilsoc