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    Premed/First Med Cable Tie Night

    This Event already finished.

    Premed/First Med Cable Tie Night

    • 28 Sep 2016 to 28 Sep 2016
    • Hairy Lemon, City Centre
    • UCD Medical Society

    Event Description

    What’s the one thing better than being tied up by someone you don’t know*? Being tied TO someone you don’t know! ALL NIGHT! Want to relive your glorious pre-med days? Looking to find yourself a mature sugardaddy (/Splenda-daddy, we’re all poor here) to show you a good tie-m? Don’t be a donkey, get yourself down to The Hairy Lemon on Wednesday night and let your reps lead you on a scenic pub crawl through Dublin city, before finishing in the classic Doyles pub. All for 5 euro! General tips: - a jacket that you can take on/off while tied - extra strength lube to prevent chaffing - arrive early for a few casuals before it kicks off - pee first