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    Question Hour Series II: Turmoil in Venezuela

    • 13 Nov 2017 to 13 Nov 2017
    • UCD Newman Building, Room A109
    • UCD Politics & International Relations Society

    Event Description

    Recently, the media has clearly not payed enough attention to what is currently happening in Venezuela. Don’t worry, UCD Pol Soc has you covered! Join us for our Question hour series with the Venezuelan Community of Dublin, for a discussion on the country’s current political climate. On March the 5th 2013, one of Venezuela’s most popular leaders passed away. Its former Vice President, Nicolas Maduro was elected with a small majority obtaining approx. 50% of the electoral vote. However, since the day of his election, the new elected leader has faced a determined political opposition. Mass Protests have erupted across the whole region causing severe clashes against riot police leaving an enormous number of casualties notably in the country’s capital Caracas. Do not miss out on such a unique event where Venezuelans will witness their different experiences and critiques on the Maduro regime. In this unique event, you will learn from: • The citizens of Venezuela and their accounts on what it feels like living under such a contested regime. • The formation of the Venezuelan community and how they aim to spread awareness on a global level. • The potential responses and solutions aimed at solving or alleviating the crisis and advocating for an active role of through the international community. • Other guests from South America will bring a comparative approach and their knowledge on South American politics and ideology. Location: Room A109