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    Rebuttal – Debating Training with LawSoc & L&H

    • 22 Oct 2018 to 22 Oct 2018
    • Newman Building, C214

    Event Description

    So you know when you're in a debate and the opposing team says something that you think is a lot of crap, then Monday's training will tell you what there is know about rebutting their arguments. It's what can make you stand out from your opponents because you can make it look like they have no idea what they are talking about. Calem Martin from LawSoc and the L&H's Anthony Treacy will be offering their words of wisdom. We'll also have practice scenarios for you to have a go at rebuttal in a very relaxed way (almost too relaxed). Calem has broke to the novice final at the Cork IV, Irish Mace and Trinity Open. He also won Leinster Senior Schools in his glory days. When it comes to judging, he's judged the final of both the Ned Stark Memorial Open (a sci-fi debating comp) and also the final of the 2018 L&H Pro-am. Calem is also just back from representing LawSoc at the European University Debating Championships Anthony has broken to the novice finals of Cork IV and Trinity Open, broken to the pro-am final of both the Galway Open and Glasgow Ancients and broke open to the quarter-finals of the Trinity IV 2017. He has got to the finals of both James Joyce Maidens and Maidens Mace and also won the Freshers Masters 2018. As a judge, Anthony recently (very very very recently) broke to the final of the UCD Novice IV. This weekend, Anthony broke to the final in the UCD IV. For anyone doing Maidens (go you), this may be the thing that makes you stand out from the rest and allow you to secure that all beloved break.