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    RPG Evening

    • 02 Nov 2017 to 02 Nov 2017
    • UCD Student Centre,Meeting Rooms 5/6/7
    • UCD Games Society

    Event Description

    Our RPGs are running as usual this week, so for all of you in campaigns they will be continuing as normal. As for those of you who aren't, Ben will have one shots prepared as usual, so come and play your choice of Pathfinder, Starfinder or PTU! We do have two openings in campaigns at the moment, one in Kimi's Radiance campaign and one in Anthony's Starfinder, so please email Ben at or get in contact with the GM directly if you'd like to participate in either of these campaigns As usual, Ben is still looking for GMs, so if you've any interest in GMing, email away! For those of you interested in GMing, but unsure of whether you'd be up to it, don't worry! Ben will be happy to help you, and the best practice is going out and giving it a go! Anthony and Eoghan will be running in A105 in the Newman building this week, the others will be in Meeting Rooms 5/6/7 in the Student Centre