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    Super Fun, Super Cool Quiz Night

    • 09 Mar 2017 to 09 Apr 2017
    • UCD Student Centre,Astra Hall
    • UCD Science Fiction & Fantasy Society

    Event Description

    'ARE YOU READY TO RUMMMBBBLLEEEE!!! Tighten your laces and buckle your belts ladies and gentlemen for the grandest, coollest, most hardcore quiz of the semester! We'll be testing all you knuckleheads with tasty noggin teasers, pitching you all against each other as a true test of might. Don't worry, we won't force just mathsy physicsy questions on you, there will be a vibrant flavour of other topics so crack open your Guinness World Record books and start studying! The most pivotal part of this terrific tournament of minds, is that IT'S FOR CHARITY. Small donation of two euro is suggested, heading to Barrettstown, is a wonderful cause, so all the more reason to get involved. If you're STILL not convinced, there will be delightful prizes that are vital to a student's survival. To find out, come along next Thursday with two euro and a team and TEST YOUR MIGHT.