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    The Liferaft Debate

    • 20 Sep 2017 to 20 Sep 2017
    • UCD Student Centre,FitzGerald Chamber
    • Literary and Historical Society

    Event Description

    IN A WORLD, WHERE WE MUST DECIDE WHO SURVIVES AND WHO DIES - ARTS VS SCIENCE? - WHO WILL WIN? Strap on your floaties, folks. It's time for the L&H's most anticipated debate, THE LIFERAFT DEBATE! Get your snorkel on for an evening of laughs as the Arts professors take on the Science department in our METAPHORICAL DUEL TO THE DEATH. You'll be seeing some familiar faces, but they'll only be recognisable for the short period time in which they're not being beaten to a pulp in this VERY FORMAL AND HIGH BROW DEBATE. WHO WILL WIN? YOU DECIDE! The public vote at the end of the debate will dictate whether we want the earth to be re-populated by our dear Arts & Humanities professors (yikes) or our beloved professors from the Science department (again, yikes.) There'll be free pizza and wine after the event to help us further distract ourselves from the impending doom of The Outside World.