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    the philosophy of music

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    the philosophy of music

    Shaam Mallak
    • 22 Sep 2023
    • Newman building theater O

    Whats About

    for this event our secretary, Ciaran Dudley, and auditor, shaam mallak, have prepared a presentation on the philosophy of music. we love karaoke events here and we host multiple a year, but we have never stopped and thought what makes music so special. what is it? why has it been invented in every culture. why does it have such an impact on us? during this presentation we encourage participation from the audience and will have time allocated for discussion. we look forward to hearing your thoughts and answers to the puzzles and paradoxes that we show. 6pm, theatre O, the Newman building, pm. btw, since it is a Friday night many of our committee members will be heading into town for drinks and fun after the event. you are more than welcome to join us :).