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    The Worldwide Gala

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    The Worldwide Gala

    UCD Chinese Society, International Students Society, India Society, French Society, Nordic Society, German Society
    • 03 Apr 2024
    • Harcourt Hotel Dtwo

    Whats About

    Join us for an enchanting evening at The Worldwide Gala, where cultures converge in a vibrant celebration of diversity and unity. This spectacular event, hosted by UCD's dynamic student societies, invites you to experience the world in one night. The Worldwide Gala is a tapestry of cultural exhibitions, where you can indulge in global traditions, savor international cuisine, and revel in the beauty of cultural attires. The night will be filled with performances that showcase dance, music, and art from corners of the globe, providing a feast for the senses and a testament to the rich tapestry of our international community. Prepare to be mesmerized by the array of colors, sounds, and flavors as we bring together the best of diverse cultures. It's more than just a gala; it's a journey around the world, celebrating the unique heritage and shared experiences of students from various backgrounds. This gala is not only a chance to have fun but also an opportunity to forge new friendships and create memories that transcend boundaries. So put on your finest cultural attire and be ready to dance, dine, and toast to a night that epitomizes the spirit of UCD's global family. Mark your calendar and don't miss out on the most anticipated international event of the year!