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    Think & Drink: Mouse Utopia Experiment

    • 17 Nov 2020
    • UCD Philsoc

    Event Description

    We are kicking off our Utopia week with a Think & Drink. Grab a drink and think about the mouse experiment which predicted human extinction! On Monday night we will be discussing what a Utopian society is, and how one researcher created an experiment to look into the potential future of humanity. Hear from others about what they think and how they'd apply the mouse experiment. Whether you've thought about a Utopian society before or you've never heard of this behavioural experiment, we encourage everyone to talk through their opinions. So grab a drink (anything from warm tea to cold beer) and discuss with some friends! You can register to this event with the link in our instagram bio (@UCDPhilsoc) or in the weekly email. See you there!