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    This House Believes God is Evil

    • 27 Sep 2017 to 27 Sep 2017
    • UCD Student Centre,FitzGerald Chamber
    • Literary and Historical Society

    Event Description

    The only thing we in the L&H love more than intelligent discourse is controversy, and the debate this week is bound to have both in spades. We’ve teamed up with Isoc and Newman Soc to bring you the best discussion about God since Bruce Almighty, in a motion that for once will probably not include any mention of Trump. We’ve brought together speakers of various faiths and beliefs to have this debate, and since it’s not in YouTube comments or on Twitter we might even be able to keep it civil. We’ll plunge into difficult questions like why do bad things happen to good people, if God is evil should we still serve Him, and what kind of supreme being would let Trump win (I lied earlier). As ever, you’ll be able to have your voice heard as you’ll have your chance to give your questions and opinions to speakers. So what do you think? Is God more loving shepherd or neglectful parent? Invisible gardener or bratty kid with some ants and a magnifying glass? Is He even real or is He like an arts student with realistic career prospects- a fantasy? Come to the Fitzgerald Chamber at 6pm on Wednesday to get some Jesus/Buddha/Zeus/Cthulhu, some discourse, and some FREE PIZZA AND WINE into your life.