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    This House Believes Meat is Murder – LawSoc

    • 07 Nov 2017 to 07 Nov 2017
    • UCD Student Centre,FitzGerald Chamber
    • UCD Law Society

    Event Description

    Some people believe animals are our friends, so we shouldn’t eat them. Others will ask you to name how many cows you chill with, while munching on a Big Mac. We’re back again with another debate questioning how people live their lives. Last time it was God, this week it’s food. That’s right, we hold nothing sacred here in LawSoc. We’ve decided to add some salt to the meat lover vs vegetarian beef (😉) by asking if meat really is murder, or if vegetarians are blowing thing out of pork-portion. (Sorry) So, what will it be? Steak or Salad? Chicken or Chickpeas? Veggies or Veal? Come on down to our debate on Tuesday and decide whether or not you agree that Meat is Murder. And afterwards, enjoy a veggie pizza or one with loads of pepperoni. Or a margarita if you’re still undecided. Let the veggie wars begin.