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    This House Believes Ross and Rachel Were on a Break with UCD DramSoc

    • 13 Sep 2017 to 13 Sep 2017
    • UCD Student Centre, FitzGerald Chamber
    • Literary and Historical Society

    Event Description

    Let's be honest here: The L&H could take itself a little more seriously. Usually we just throw together any old debate on any trivial topic that no one cares about like gender equality or nuclear war or what happens when we die. But not this week. This week the L&H has teamed up with DramSoc to actually be useful for once. This week we’ve decided to tackle one of the greatest questions humanity has ever faced, something we as a species have struggled with for an astonishing twenty years. This week, the L&H and DramSoc are finally going to answer the unanswerable: were Ross and Rachael on a break? We'll bring six excellent speakers. We'll bring the FREE PIZZA and SLUSHIES. You bring the expectation that one of the greatest issues in popular culture, and indeed human society, is finally going to be settled once and for all. Could you BE any more excited?