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    This House Would Believe in a God

    • 17 Oct 2017 to 17 Oct 2017
    • UCD Student Centre,FitzGerald Chamber
    • UCD Law Society

    Event Description

    God is different to everyone. If you’re a Viking, god is an eight-legged spider-horse. If you’re a Haitian Vodou, God is an alcoholic, sex-obsessed skeleton. But if you are LawSoc T&D officer Rachael Mullally, God is Rachael Mullally. And at LawSoc, since we like liberalism, acceptance and all those other things we like to pretend to be, we think each of these gods is equally suitable to tonight’s proposition. Now while we can’t promise seven-minute speeches on drunk skeletons and spiders that go neigh, we can promise pizza, slushies and the sort of religious questioning that would put the shits through Catholic mammys up and down the country. And since religion, theology and basically anything that involves maintaining a moral compass is something any good law student abandons the moment they walk into Sutherland, we’ve collaborated with the Christian Union, the Livingstones Christian Society and the Atheist & Secular Society to educate us, and ensure you get the balanced discussion you deserve. No matter what religion/lack of religion you subscribe to, come to the Fitzgerald Chamber on Tuesday, so we can put the God question to bed, once and for all.