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    This House Would Build a Wall Around Trinity: Colours Debate

    • 05 Sep 2017 to 05 Sep 2017
    • UCD Student Centre, FitzGerald Chamber
    • Literary and Historical Society

    Event Description

    The First debate of the year, the Annual UCD vs Trinity Colours Debate. (Alternatively known as The Roast of Trinity College). Now, we know what you’re thinking. Surely you couldn’t ask them to build a wall. But this is Trinity we’re talking about. With a chequered history of atrocities such as the Penal Laws, the Protestant Ascendancy and a constant streamline of wankers into Irish society, it’s surely not beyond the realms of possibility that Trinity were in some way responsible for the election of the man who is essentially the human form of clickbait The world deserves an answer. For many of you reading this, a loved one may have been given the poisoned chalice in the form of a CAO acceptance to Trinity. Grim fates already lie in store; for instance, the college have a tradition of surgically embedding their student’s heads up their own asses. Their very identities are destined to be torn from them, replaced only by a shrill faux-D4 accent and the lingering taste of an overpriced frappuccino. Difficult though it may be to accept, our brothers, sisters, friends and cousins are on course to becoming fully fledged Trinity Wankers. Come along, watch the brawl, bearing your newly adorned colours! Pizza and beverages also await at your first L&H House Debate! See you there