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    THR The Lgbtq+ Community’s Focus On Marriage Equality

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    THR The Lgbtq+ Community’s Focus On Marriage Equality

    • 09 Nov 2016 to 09 Nov 2016
    • UCD Student Centre,FitzGerald Chamber
    • UCD Literary & Historical Society

    Event Description

    There's only a few instances in life where Irish Pride means more than a few references to Michael Collins or a brand of bread. Indeed, last year housed what was arguably the nation's finest hour since the 1932 Eucharistic Congress: the passing of a referendum to legalise same sex marriage. But now the dust has settled, the passion has subsided, the feverish uproar and demand for change has quelled. After all, equality is now the norm on the emerald island. Or is it? In our bid to prioritise to same sex marriage, did we perhaps overlook others who may feel marginalised for reasons pertaining to sexual identity? Is the LGBTQ community somewhat culpable for neglecting the other letters in its acronym? Just how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck can chuck wood? Find out this Wednesday at 7PM in the Fitzgerald chamber, where the L&H ponders whether or not "This House Regrets the LGTBQ+'s focus on same sex marriage." Wine and pizza to follow as always!