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    Throne of Blood

    This Event already finished.

    Throne of Blood

    • 17 Oct 2016 to 17 Oct 2016
    • G.15, Ag Science
    • Cineclub

    Event Description

    Double, double, toil, and trouble Whiskey burn and tummy bubble. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow (makes Monday), Slink into this creepy place from week to week, To the last frame of recorded image; And all our screenings have lighted fools The way to crusty bars. Out, out, empty pint! Film's but a flick'ring light, a projection That struts and frets its hour upon the screen And then is seen once more. It is a tale Introduced by an idiot, full of uhs and trivia Signifying nothing. (Exhales) This week we'll be screening Akira Kurasawa's Throne of Blood (Title translated literally as "Spider Web Castle). The usual applied and we are again in the same lecture hall occupied over the previous two screenings. Exeunt