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    UCD Dramsoc Presents: My Name is Rachel Corrie

    • 13 Feb 2017 to 17 Feb 2017
    • UCD Dramsoc Theatre
    • UCD Dramsoc

    Event Description

    My Name is Rachel Corrie, edited by Katharine Viner and Alan Rickman , will run from the 13th-17th of February at 7pm each night, apart from Thursday when the performance will begin at 3pm. “My Name is Rachel Corrie” takes the audience on a gritty, heart-breaking and wildly humorous journey through the writings of Rachel Corrie, a young American activist who was killed in Palestine in 2003, when she stood between a bulldozer and a civilian home. With the writings of an artist and the determination which can only be found in the most idealistic of youth, allow Rachel to bring you on a whirlwind journey of childhood memories, poetry, ex-boyfriends, warzones and cigarette smoke. Cast: Rachel - Shannon Ferber Crew: Director: Megan Carney Assistant Dirctor: Tzarini Meyler Producer: Isabelle Geraghty Lighting Designer: Ciaran Gallagher Set Designer: Megan Carney and Seán Mac Dhonnagáin Sound Designer: Seán O’Neill Prostups: Melissa O’Driscoll Stage Manager: Cuán de Barra Tech Manager: Camille Lombard Voice-over: Connor Dee Visual Design Artist: Tzarini Meyler